Highlighting Best Practices in Higher Education to Serve Undocumented Youth


The UndocuScholars project aims to collaborate with undocumented youth and higher education leaders to help build a culture around the importance of creating and building best practices for undocumented students at higher education institutions across the country. The project aims for higher education institutions to 1) develop and foster a shared institution-wide awareness and value for building best practices for undocumented students, and 2) implement multiple, tangible strategies for developing best practices that are sustainable over time. This strand of the project is comprised of three activities:


Spotlight Series on College Presidents

UndocuScholars will partner with My (Un)Documented Life blog to create the Spotlight Series on College Presidents. This series will feature video interviews with college presidents who have taken strides to work with their students, staff, and faculty to build effective best practices for undocumented students on their college campuses. College presidents will talk about particular best practices on their campuses, the importance of institutional leadership in building these best practices, and how they came to care about this work. Stay tuned for several spotlights on college presidents from 2018 to 2019.

Commissions for Undocumented Youth to Share their Expertise

UndocuScholars will also partner with My (Un)Documented Life blog to create the Navigating Higher Education Opportunities series. We will commission undocumented youth and students to share their expertise around navigating higher education. These posts will include tips regarding a broad range of issues including navigating community college in states that have out-of-state tuition policies, how to build social support networks in college, and how to apply to private colleges out of state.


Scholarly Reports on Best Practices for Undocumented Students

UndocuScholars will collaborate with several scholars to commission reports on building best practices for undocumented students in higher education such as research on the sanctuary campus movement and implementation of in-state tuition policies.