Developing Youth Leadership


The UndocuScholars project aims to support and enhance educational trajectories for undocumented youth in higher education. The goals of this strand of the project are to 1) disseminate knowledge with current undocumented undergraduate students about the graduate school process; 2) connect current undocumented undergraduate students with current undocumented graduate and professional school students; and 3) build capacity across institutions of higher education to support undocumented youth in their pursuit of graduate school. This strand of the project is comprised of two activities:

UndocuScholars Research and Graduate School Conference 2018

The UndocuScholars Research and Graduate School Conference brought together over 150 undergraduate, undocumented students from various institutions of higher education. The one-day conference  provided students with the opportunity to present original research projects, obtain knowledge about the graduate school process, and to connect with other undocumented graduate students and alumni to expand their networks. The purpose of this conference was to enhance and support undocumented student post-baccalaureate trajectories and to create a space for research and knowledge sharing community.  


  • Keynote speaker: Iliana Perez, Ph.D.

  • Over 150 students in attendance

  • Students enrolled in high school, community college, and various 4-year institutions

  • Conference was in collaboration with UndocuBruins at UCLA and the Undocumented Student Program (USP) at UCLA


UndocuScholars Coordinator Pre-Conference 2018

The UndocuScholars Coordinator and Advocate Pre-Conference brought together undocumented resource center coordinators and educational advocacy organizations and nonprofits for a one-day meeting prior to the Research and Graduate School Conference. The goal of the meeting was to strengthen the community of undocumented student allies through the UndocuScholars Coordinator and Advocacy Organization Conference. During the meeting undocumented resource center coordinators across the state connected, engaged in deep dialogue about best practices to serve undocumented student trajectories, and had discussions high-level issues and strategies to inform policy and decision makers on how to best support undocumented youth and their educational trajectories.