Blog Series with My Undocumented Life Blog

UndocuScholars has partnered with My Undocumented Life blog to commission several blog series including Navigating Higher Education Opportunities and UndocuGrads.


Undocugrads series

This blog series commissions undocumented students in graduate school to share their experiences and advice about applying to and navigating graduate school as an undocumented student.

Spotlight: Check out Martin’s post on pursuing nursing school.


Navigating Higher Education Opportunities Series

This blog series commissions undocumented undergraduate students across the country to write blog posts about their advice, experiences, and reflections navigating college.

Spotlight: Check out Maria’s post on transferring from community college to a four year university in Georgia!


UndocuScholars’ Policy and Research Brief Series

UndocuScholars’ Policy and Research Brief Series aims to disseminate knowledge about key issues related to undocumented youth in higher education including humanizing research methodologies and the conceptualization of deportation as an education policy issue. Each research brief had a corresponding dissemination event in the form of a webinar or Twitter Chat. Check out more information about the research brief series and corresponding events here.