Despite the odds, all over the United States, undocumented students are moving on to college. Too often (y)our experience is overlooked and misunderstood; as a result undocumented students are highly underserved. To develop programs and policies that are useful and meaningful, we need to get an accurate national point of view.


In recent years, we have heard from some exceptional students who are “coming out” as they told their stories.  While this has been an essential step in raising awareness about the important UndocuScholar Issue, we need to expand what is known about the undocumented student experience in community colleges and public and private colleges and universities in every corner of the country.

WHAT is the UndocuScholars Project survey about?

          This national survey focuses on the college experiences of undergraduate UndocuScholar students.

          Our goals are to:

                    Expand knowledge about the range of UndocuScholars' experiences in order to challenge false

                    assumptions and damaging misperceptions;

                    Use this knowledge to better inform on-campus practice and services as well as local and

                    national public policy.

 HOW is this different from other surveys on undocumented students?

          We are focusing on the student experience;

          Although previous studies have shed important light on the experiences of undocumented students in a

          variety of local contexts (particularly bi-coastal urban centers), this study seeks to capture these

          experiences at the national level;

          We intend to capture the experiences of the range of diverse undocumented college students. While the

          experience of Latina/o UndocuScholars has begun to emerge, little is known about Black, Asian, and

          European undocumented college students;

          We want to examine experiences at a range of different types of colleges (community colleges, 4-year

          colleges and universities; public and private).

We need YOUR help!

We are asking you to give us half an hour of your time to fill out a completely confidential on-line survey and BE HEARD!


To qualify you must be currently enrolled in a college and not have authorization/documentation status. In recognition of your valuable time, you will receive a $20 gift card . Upon completion, please carry the message forward—ask anyone you know who would qualify to take the survey too!


Thank you!

Robert Teranishi, Carola Suárez-Orozco, & the UndocuScholars Team

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